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Puget Sound Commute to Boeing

Date Created: Thursday, March 27, 2008
Last Updated: Thursday, March 27, 2008
From Lakota, WA, USA   Map It
To South Park, WA, USA

My journey begins with a walk out to my car, a 2001 Toyota Prius.  Not quite as cutting edge as when I got it seven years ago, but still a pretty gadgety little car.

My traveling companion, a half-gallon of regular coffee, is safely
belted in beside me.  

Out the driveway and down the hill.

Down a suburban switch-back road to Puget Sound.

This is my favorite part of my commute: A couple of minutes spent
driving along the beach at Redondo. 

Past a pier and a seafood restaurant, and then back up another hill and away from scenic delights.

An intersection at Pacific Highway South.  Through this and on to the freeway.

The on-ramp, where I either speed up or slow way down, depending on
conditions ahead.  

I can rarely figure out the difference between days when the road is
flying along at 60 MPH, versus crawling in the single digits.  Things do
seem to always slow down to a near stop if anything vaguely wet is
falling from the sky.  This being Seattle, the natives are
understandably frightened by rain.

At the end of my journey is a non-descript cluster of large buildings I
call home for eight hours each day.  I park near a postal distribution center, so dodging mail trucks is part of the fun.

But there are perks:  How many people have a Concorde parked next to
their workplace?

And across the street is the original Boeing building, now part of the
Seattle Museum of Flight.

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