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Driving to the village

Date Created: Friday, March 21, 2008
Last Updated: Monday, August 17, 2009
From Bexleyheath station, Kent, England   Map It
To bexley, da5 1LR, England
Author Richard


09:00 AM   Alarm goes off playing the Mission Impossible sound track
09:30 AM   I actually 'get' up
10:00 AM   Leave the house
10:15 AM   Arrive at work
10:17 AM   Make a cuppa tea
10:20 AM   Start working

I wake up at about 9:00 am in a part zombie, part cold, part unhappy like state. I get ready and leave the house at about 10:00

Getting into my "work horse".


Since I drive an automatic I shift it into Drive. It makes my life so much easier. Hill starts, stalling what are they?


Everyday I go passed the petrol station and wonder if those prices will ever go down, instead of steadily rising day by day.


The people at the Holiday Inn are very kind and allow me to park my car in their large car park.
This is due to a deal my company has with them.


Brisk walk to the office

From the holiday inn I take a brisk 10minute walk to the office.

Sometimes walking everyday can be anoying but I think it's just good regular exercise.


This is a chapel that I pass on my way in to work. It's no longer a place of prayer as it is now converted into work offices!


This is the front door of the office. I'm not sure why exactly but I do tend to take a deep breath before I open the door.



This is my office desk. It may look a mess but it's actually an oranised mess!
The paper work on the left each relates to a project I'm working on, with a folded piece of paper grouping them.
My Count Duckula mug which I aquired upon starting.
The much needed dual scren setup, which is essential for every developer.
My jumper on the right, for when the office gets cold... now I know what you thinking, why not just turn the heating up, well doing that causes a debate in the office! Although the tension rising and arguments flarring can heat the room up, its generally not worth the hassle.
The yellow post it notes stuck around my monitors are inspiring quotes that I like, some are NLP ones and some are from Napoleon and others from films.
On the right you'll see my silver Sony NW-E507 MP3 player. They've been times when I've left it on, gone home, came back the next day, and it was stil playing!

Office Desk






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