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What is the point?
It's not only human nature to be curious about the world around us but also human to compare one thing to another.
Why not combine the two together and be curious about how your adventure to work compares to other peoples around the world.
Who can add a story?
Anyone, anywhere can write a story about the journey they must endure to get to work.
For now we only request that all stories are written in English.
How can I tell people about my journey?
The first thing you will need to do is register with our site, registration is quick and absolutely FREE. Once registered you will be able to upload pictures, save your story and also edit it later.

Once you've written about the adventure you undertake every working day, you are ready let people know about it and spread the work.
When viewing your story use the Email To Friends link at the bottom of the article to send your story to friends and relatives so that they can all see what you see, smell and think on your journey to work.
How can I add a Journey2Work badge on my own page?
If you have a web site you can help promote Journey2Work, together we can document everyones story!
To help spread the work there are links and pictures on the link to us page
Can I use YouTube Videos?
Yes you can.
You will need to use the [YouTube] tag. Copy the You Tube URL in between the tags
E.g. [YouTube][YouTube]